Allison Butterfield – 2023 Senior Spotlight

Allison Butterfield – Class of 2023

1. What role do you have in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee?


2. How many years have you participated in Avenger Theater?


3. What is your favorite Avenger Theater memory?

Being the evil stepsisters in Cinderella alongside my actual sister, Charlotte.

4. What would you tell an underclassmen who was thinking about joining the program?

Although it’s a lot of work, it’s worth it. No matter how big your role is, you’re always included in something. It was unexpected for me, but Avenger Theater is one of those places where you can just be comfortable being you. As corny as it sounds, it really does act as a safe space for so many people – I really encourage you to try it out!

6. Have you been in other Avenger Theater shows, if yes, what ones and what role/s?

My freshman year I was Joy in Cinderella and my junior year I was Patrick in Spongebob. Despite being involved my sophomore year, I unfortunately wasn’t able to continue with the show because of my family’s needs during the depths of the pandemic.

7. If you have performed before –

   What was your first theater production and how old were you?

   What theater role did you like performing most?

My first production was Fiddler on the Roof Jr when I was in fifth grade. I was 11 and played the role of Tevye.

8. In our production of The 25th annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, what scene or scene is your favorite part?

My favorite song in the show is “The I Love You Song” not only because it is one of my songs, but because it’s beautiful in sound and lyrics. But, a close second is definitely “My Unfortunate Distraction.” It’s just SO good. Especially because our Chips who sing it are insanely talented as well 🙂

9. What are your dreams/plans for after graduation?

We know you would like to include a photo of the senior (maybe in a production if possible, Mimi and I can go through what we have for pictures). 

I plan to attend college and double major in Nursing and Spanish. Then, become a specialized nurse while getting my masters.

10. What does Avenger Theater mean to you? 

Avenger Theater means a lot to me. It means feeling accepted and appreciated. Whatever size role you have, you feel important. I think that’s something that’s  really rare. It’s something so different than any other club or sport I’ve been in. Joining is truly one of the best decisions I have ever made. I sound super cheesy, but it’s true. It’s awesome.