Emma Morin – 2023 Senior Spotlight

Emma Morin – Class of 2023
  1. What role do you have in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee?
  • Leaf Coneybear

2. How many years have you participated in Avenger Theater?

  • 3 years

3. What is your favorite Avenger Theater memory?

  • One of my favorite memories from Avenger Theater was back in my freshman year when we did Cinderella. It was the scene where all of the girls spun around the prince (my brother), and Cassandra acted like she tripped and then pushed the prince (my brother). It was hilarious. 

4. What would you tell an underclassman who was thinking about joining the program?

  • I would tell underclassmen that, the Avenger Theater program is such a fun activity to do after school. 
  • It’s a place to meet new people, perform for the community, and come together as one. 
  • I would also say that it’s not always about what part you get in the show; it’s more so the fact that you are enjoying acting, singing, and dancing on stage.  
  • It can help them develop their singing, acting, and/or dancing skills 
  • Also, while there may be theater kids that fit the description of a stereotypical “theater kid”, there is also so much more to us than that (even if we are loud and constantly sing different musicals). 

6. Have you been in other Avenger Theater shows, if yes, what ones and what role/s?

  • Freshman Year: Cinderella (Ensemble)
  • Junior Year: Spongebob The Musical (Security Guard 2 + Ensemble)

7. If you have performed before – What was your first theater production and how old were you?  

  • My first theater production was in 6th grade. At Cole Middle School, we put on James and The Giant Peach Jr. I was probably around 13 at the time. 

  8. Of all the roles you’ve played, which is your favorite?  If you could be in any show, which one would you choose, and what would be your “Dream Role”?

  • Out of all the roles I’ve played, I’ve got to say that my favorite role is from this year as I get ready to play  Leaf Coneybear. It has been so much fun to play this role, as he is such a relatable and funny character. 
  • If I could be in any show, I would want to be in Ride The Cyclone The Musical (a small musical created by Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell) and play the role of Jane Doe. 

9. In our production of The 25th annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, what scene or song is your favorite part?

  • Honestly, I like a lot of the bits in our show. Although, one of my favorite scenes is when Panch goes crazy when Logainne is asking for a lot of definitions when she gets the word Sluice, and then he literally loses it and almost attacks the kids. 
  • Favorite Song:  The I Love You Song and/or Magic Foot (I really like both)

10. What are your dreams/plans after graduation?

  • My plan once I’ve graduated, is to go to a small liberal arts college somewhere in Massachusetts and major in Graphic Design. 

11. What does Avenger Theater mean to you? 

  • Avenger Theater is a place for people from all backgrounds to come together to put on a performance for people. It is such a welcoming, energetic place that will always make you smile(it’s literally a community). Everyone, there is very hard working and the nicest people you will ever meet(as well as funny). While actors in Avenger Theater may get off topic from time to time(due to my own experience – and I do it too sometimes), we still give it our all in the end. The cast, crew, and tech all work so hard to put a show together. Every day I look forward to going to rehearsals once my school day has finished.

Looking back on my experience with theater, I have learned and done so much. I’ve really grown as a person and actor because of theater. In middle school, I didn’t pay too much attention to getting certain roles. I just wanted to be in a production with my brother and have fun. Although, when I reached high school, that all changed. Cinderella was such a blast, and so spectacular to me. It was a special moment for me since it was the last show I did with my brother. After my brother had gone off to college, I was the only one left. I wasn’t going to rely on my brother anymore. I was going to pave my own way in the Theater Department, and that’s exactly what I did. I joined a small Cabaret Play which really taught me the devotion and skills I needed to obtain in order to advance as an actor. It really helped me for the show I would do in Junior year, which was “Spongebob The Musical”. I will be honest, that show was a little rickety due to Covid, but all the opportunities that came with that show really taught me a lot as a comedian and actor. 

I am so proud of myself for how far I’ve come, and I’m so thankful for all the opportunities I have been given in my Junior year and this year(my senior year). Especially since I started off a bit late with all the years of experience I have had with drama compared to others. It has truly been a blast. I’ve made so many new friends and acquaintances, and I really feel as if I’ve become a leader in some ways to some of the members of the drama club this year. I’m not perfect, and while I’m not sure if I’ll find any ways to continue theater after I graduate, I will still learn so much more as a performer, actor, and person.